A Pictorial Tour of Summerfields (Pt. 1)

Our Retreat is a rare gem of natural beauty: scenic wilderness blended with luxurious hospitality and ultimate tranquility – the perfect getaway close to Kruger National Park and the Panorama Route. This pictorial tour of our property captures some of its essence:

hendrik 1
Acres of lawn along the Sabie River, where guests can join Parkrun on Saturday mornings at 8am.
The pool and seating area beside the Sabie River. Occasionally, hippo emerging from the river can be viewed from here.
The bath tubs in the luxury tented suites provide the perfect opportunity to bathe with the birds and watch the waters of the Sabie River flow by.
The driveway down to the Retreat. On a clear day, one can see the distant mountains marking the majestic escarpment.
Our organic vegetable gardens are lush and green throughout the year.
Our rose tunnel features some rather unique species.


The view of the Sabie River near Lapa Bar and River Cafe.
Our macadamia tree plantation.

Look out for Pt. 2 of our Pictorial Tour soon!


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