Why we chose to go organic

 by Natia van Heerden, Executive Chef @Summerfields_K

_DSC4543There is quite a controversy when it comes to whether or not organic food or products make a difference in your life.

At Summerfields, we are completely devoted to giving you produce that is pesticide-free. We don’t use growth hormones, so we have to wait three months before we can harvest vegetables like beetroot and carrots. We don’t spray for insects, but rather plant compatible plants together that fight illness. For example, to successfully grow aubergines, you’ll have to plant garlic chives and marigold around them.

We, as chefs, are so spoilt with the organic vegetables grown on the farm! With organic growing,  colours are more radiant and the flavours robust, and as the seasons change, we truly get the best produce available. We harvest in the early mornings only what we require for the day and then we compile a menu around what’s available. If we have anything coming out of our ears, the four chefs will put their heads together and come up with a new dish for the day. It’s a chef’s paradise!

If you haven’t had breakfast with us, do yourself a favour and pop in. Not only do we make our croissants ourselves, but our eggs are definitely the star of the show. Our eggs are never older than a day, and it will probably be the freshest eggs that you will be able to find in this area, and the yolks are a deep orange colour. Rule of thumb, the darker the egg yolk, the happier the chicken. They roam freely on our property, looking for worms and insects to eat. We also feed them some of our organic lettuce and vegetables.

For the past two years, I’ve made it my mission to find local meat suppliers, but more importantly, suppliers of free range meat. I can now proudly say that all the meat we serve at Summerfields Kitchen is free of any hormones. The animals are free-roaming and eat organic feed. Taste of the Karoo (www.tasteofthekaroo.co.za / @TasteoftheKaroo) supplies me with outstanding quality venison, ostrich, lamb and grass fed beef. Greenstone Valley’s duck are the highest quality I have ever worked with and they also supply me with whole pork that we break down ourselves into different cuts. And finally, fresh fish gets flown in from either Mozambique or Cape Town by The Fresh Fish Company in White River (www.freshfishcompany.co.za)

We strive to give our customers so much more than just a meal – we want to spoil you with the whole experience that we have to offer. Come and visit Summerfields to sample our local is lekker philosophy for yourself!

Call Reservations on: +27 (0)13 737 6500 or +27 (0)86 632 0089. Alternatively, see our contact page.


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