A Day at Summerfields Spa

by Anneri van Zyl, spa therapist @SummerfieldSpa

AnneriAs I stand on the Lapa Bar balcony gazing at the Sabie River below me, I see Egyptian geese at its edge. I look closer and notice that they’re gazing at something in the water…and suddenly, there it is. A small hippo!

It made me think that in life you might not always see what’s in front of you unless you look closer. And we, here at Summerfields Spa, always look closer.

I’m  proud to say that we look after our Guests very attentively. Close your eyes and imagine what our Touch of Nature spa package can do for you…it begins with a coffee exfoliation. You are then cocooned in papaya pulp, rose petals and banana leaves. Summerfields Natural Signature Facial will enhance your relaxation while the yoghurt, honey and cucumber will leave your skin purified. Unwind while you get massaged with plant-based and aromatherapy oils. The final touches of a Fiesta Manicure and a Florentine Pedicure will be the perfect end to a perfect day.

Sound good?

Life here at Summerfields has just begun for me, and I’m in absolute awe of this amazingly green and lush farm. With lots of bird life and occasional wildlife passing by, one feels right in the bush. Take a guided tour through our macadamia nut trees, our organic garden or our rose garden and enjoy lunch at the popular River Café and you might be lucky to see a hippo emerging from the river too. As the night progresses, take a peek at our proudly clear, starry skies and the smell of an exquisite meal being prepared at our signature restaurant, Summerfields Kitchen. All of this, whilst not forgetting your soft skin that was massaged just a few hours ago with our Summerfields pure Macadamia Nut Oil.

Our oil is perfect for dry, mature skin due to its fatty acid profile. It moisturises the skin and prevents trans-epidermal water loss from delicate tissue whilst calming and healing the broken skin’s barrier. Most important to note is that it won’t leave residue on the skin. Did I mention you can cook with it too? (it doesn’t smoke like olive oil and is excellent on salads).

Purchase this and our other Summerfields products when you come to visit.

I look forward to treating you at Summerfields Spa!

Book your treatment with Anneri. Call 082 610 4708 or email lodge@summerfields.co.za


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